Frequently Asked Questions


Does Ottawa Basements provide free estimates?

Yes. There is no charge for you to contact us and have us come to your home to discuss and plan your basement renovation.

What is the time frame for starting a project?

The time lapse between the design consultation and the start of basement refinishing varies according to each customer’s needs and Ottawa Basements schedule. However, you can count on the ceiling, flooring and walls will be done, with all necessary electrical, within three weeks.  This time frame will only increase if a bathroom addition is planned or if our contractors cannot get into the home when scheduled.

Does Basement Refinishing Really Add Value to a Home?

It sure does and there have been studies to back up that basement refinishing does increase the appreciation of a home. In fact, if you finish your basement using the proper materials you should see an average return of about 90-120% of the cost of the basement remodeling project when the property is sold, offering one of the biggest returns of investment among most common home remodeling projects.  Add to that the significant savings in heating and cooling costs, provided by adequate basement insulation, which can be anywhere between $200 and $400 a year.  Basement finishing by Ottawa Basements means your basement will be professionally finished, which is an excellent selling point to say the least! Despite the housing market ups and downs property values have been increasing steadily nearly doubling every 20 years, for the past 60 years.  So any improvement made to an existing home will pay for itself in the long run.

Will Ottawa Basements be the lowest bidder on our basement renovation?

Frankly, in many cases, Ottawa Basements will not be the lowest bidder for your project. Before that scares you away, the well-known cliché of “you get what you pay for” is perhaps relevant in the construction industry more-so than any other. Ottawa Basements specializes in quality and peace of mind throughout the renovation process.We don’t cut corners or take shortcuts when getting the job done. We only use the best tradespeople available. The lines of communication will always be open, whether it’s related to design, product selection, accounting, project supervision, etc. This overall structure is put in place to ensure your happiness throughout the job, upon completion, and for many years to come.

Do I need a permit to finish my basement?

As a qualified basement finisher, Ottawa Basements is required to have knowledge and work in compliance with our respective local building and fire codes. We will inform you of all required permits and even oversee the process of obtaining them for you.

Do I need to hire another contractor to install plumbing, flooring or electrical?

No. Ottawa Basements will be the only basement finishing contractor you’ll need.  We’ll take charge of all the aspects of the project from windows and lighting to flooring and electrical and everything in between.  This is another reason why we can assure that your basement remodeling is complete within only 3 to 6 weeks.

What kind of disruption will occur in my home?

We pride ourselves on making each and every basement remodeling process as clean and neat as possible.  At Ottawa Basements we protect all finished flooring with coverings and set up zip walls to contain any dust. At the end of all our projects a professional cleaning crew will leave your house sparkling.

What are egress windows and do you install them?

An egress window is a window that is large enough to allow a person to get out of the basement in case of an emergency. Egress windows are ideal for any kind of basement because they provide a second way out of the room. Most building codes require home owners to install an egress window only if the basement or part of it will be used as a bedroom, others will demand an egress window if you plan to use your basement as additional living space, no matter what kind of room you are to build.  Ottawa Basements is familiar with all the local code requirements and will suggest and install the best available egress windows if needed.  Another benefit to of installing an egress window in a basement is that it dramatically brightens an otherwise dark room.

Do we need to sign a contract?

Yes, you should always have a written agreement between you and your contractor that outlines the scope of work, warranties, timelines, budgets, liability, etc. There needs to be a clear picture of what the contractor is providing.

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